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Vitalifts Revitalize

Hydrating your body and mind.


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VitaLifts - Revitalize

Hydrating your body and mind.

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Spearheading a revolution of healthy living on the Space Coast, VitaLifts is Brevard’s first dedicated IV vitamin and nutrient therapies medical spa. When diet and lifestyle demands shortchange the body’s needs for essential vitamins and nutrients, overall health suffers. Traditional methods to supplement with pills and tonics has its challenges, mainly in our digestive tract. Oral vitamins and minerals have unpredictable GI absorption and effectiveness. By periodically supplementing these vitally needed elements with direct IV (intravenous) infusions and/or IM (intramuscular) injections, we can bypass the digestive tract and get optimal benefits for our health and wellbeing. It is no surprise that IV drip and hydration lounges and spas have recently become so popular worldwide. We invite you to explore this time-tested modality to improve and enhance your health and thereby your life.



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Beautiful facility with warm and welcoming staff. Thanks for taking care of me today, I’m already starting to feel better. Best of luck to you all!

Very warm and relaxing atmosphere! The entire staff is very caring and accommodating. I had a great experience and will be a return customer! So happy they are open close to home!

Love the staff, very knowledgeable about the product and able to answer all my questions!!


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"As a practicing emergency room doctor, I can attest from my day to day experience to the many detrimental effects of diet, environment and poor lifestyle choices. I am convinced that we now have ways to counteract those factors with complementary medicine methods, such as IV vitamin and micronutrient therapy.”


S. Sobredo, Jr., M.D.
Emergency Medicine and
Founder of Vitalifts, LLC

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