For more than 50 years, the FDA has approved a gold standard treatment for removing unwanted lead, mercury, aluminum and cadmium poisoning from the human body using a chelating agent (a chemical designed to bond tightly with metals) called EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid.


Chelation Therapy FAQ

Simply put, yes. When chelation is used as a means of prevention, it can address possible free radical damage and cardiovascular problems. Despite what skeptics may lead you to believe, when chelation therapy is administered by trained professionals, and in conjunction with the right diet, natural supplements, and lifestyle techniques, it is a comprehensive alternative treatment. This therapy, according to the statistics, is safer than driving a modern day automobile or taking popular medication.

Since this therapy uses a simple intravenous method, it causes little discomfort. When patients are undergoing treatment, they can sit down, visit the restroom, socialize, eat, drink, and even make a telephone call. And because our patients are always on the move during chelation, we provide comfortable pillows, electrical outlets for computers/tablets, and a full staff which can assist, communicate, and take care of your medical needs.

It was first used by the British during World War II, was first used by the U.S. in 1948 to treat lead toxicity. Since that time, the medical community has developed, progressed, and treated millions of individuals.

No. Chelation therapy only binds dissolved and positively charged metal ions. Since stents and joint replacements are made of stainless steel, alloys, and titanium, there is no serious risk of damage.

If left untreated, mercury has the ability to affect every single organ system. Certain conditions are negatively impacted by toxic levels of mercury, including ADHD, heart disease, autism, autoimmune diseases, and many other neurological problems.

Calcium EDTA, which helps removes metals from the body, is an essential element in the detoxification process. Besides removing heavy metals, calcium EDTA helps with calcium and cholesterol metabolism by removing the toxins, which also prevents free radical damage. Free radicals, which are atoms and molecules that contain an unpaired electron, are scientifically considered to be leading causes of diabetes, artherosclerosis, and other commonly known age-related diseases.

Depending on the specific modality, it can be used in conjunction with most other treatments, such as certain medications, vitamin supplements, and lifestyle factors.


Not everyone is suited for Chelation therapy. At Vitalits our procedure is:

  1. Call or email to receive the qualification paperwork.
  2. Lab work is ordered and reviewed.
  3. Physician Physical/Consultation.
  4. Therapy is scheduled.


If you feel chelation may benefit you, or to learn more about our process, CALL or EMAIL