Meditation - Your prescription for relaxation 


The belief that all health and healing is fully body + mind dependent has brought us to the natural incorporation of this most introspective practice into our treatments. New research is also showing that meditation restores the brain. A landmark study conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital found that as little as eight weeks of meditation not only helped people feel calmer but also produced changes in various areas of the brain, including growth in the areas associated with memory, empathy, sense of self, and stress regulation.

Through high quality headphones (or your own if you prefer) and MINDBLISS (R) you’re provide a guided meditation experience leaving you refreshed and relaxed by the end of your treatment. Guided meditation is when you are guided, by a narrator, to elicit a specific change in your life. You are first guided to relax your body and mind, to help you reach a deep meditative state before going on a journey, in your mind, to reach a specific goal. As the brain does not distinguish between an imagined event and a real one, the experience you have with a guided meditation is just like having a real experience. This has an amazing effect on your life due to the way the brain works.The entire process is usually very fast and efficient. Our nurses do not answer clinical questions, provide medical advise, and our physicians do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions or problems. Our spa treatments are designed to enhance wellness and provide the benefits that each treatment has been developed for. Health insurances for the most part do not cover treatments nor do we bill insurance companies. Most treatments are not FDA indicated, as they are considered complementary or naturopathic.

Vitalifts, vitamin IV infusions can help restore your body 
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