screening process


Although we strive to provide a client driven on demand service, all our treatments do require licensed physician review and interaction. All clients must undergo a pre-treatment medical screening (usually done prior to visit on your computer or device, but can also be done onsite at Vitalifts). At time of appointment or prior to treatment a licensed Registered Nurse or Registered Nurse Practitioner will again review your pre-treatment screening and provide physical assessment (blood pressure, pulse, respirations, oxygen measurement, temperature, and further review of your history) which will be followed by a telemedicine consult with physician to obtain the order for your treatment. The process is usually very brief but may take up to 5 minutes. Orders are not automatically generated and it is up to physician discretion, based on your screening evaluation and physical assessment, to approve or decline treatment. It is possible that we may ask for you to provide a medical clearance from your personal physician in order to receive our treatments (in those rare cases we would provide you with a form to have completed by your licensed provider).

The entire process is usually very fast and efficient. Our nurses do not answer clinical questions, provide medical advise, and our physicians do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions or problems. Our spa treatments are designed to enhance wellness and provide the benefits that each treatment has been developed for. Health insurances for the most part do not cover treatments nor do we bill insurance companies. Most treatments are not FDA indicated, as they are considered complementary or naturopathic.

THE ACTUAL TREATMENTS: Once your medical screening, physical assessment, and physician order is secured, you will be taken to a spa lounge chair where one of our Registered Nurses will insert a “saline lock” (a small catheter) into a peripheral vein of forearm, or sometimes hand. Our nurses are highly trained, but even the most experienced may encounter a “difficult” case. We pride ourselves in trying to provide this service with as little discomfort as possible, but it is a minor, although invasive medical procedure. Following, IV tubing from a solution bag is connected to the saline lock and fluids are allowed to flow through the system, directly into the venous system. Upon completion, usually 30 minutes or less, the saline lock is removed and a small bandage applied. If you have selected booster supplement shots, they may be administered by nurse either before or after the IV infusion. The nurse will then direct and assist your with your check out process.

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