Lipo-C Thinjection EZ Plan

Lipo-C is a complex blend of methionine, choline chloride, and inositol known (MIC) this is then blended with l-carnitine, Thiamine (B1), and Dexopanthonal (B5), at vitalifts we augment this Blend with B12 every 14day for maximum weight loss results. In addition to MIC's injection ability to help the body remove fat in equally from all parts of the body, it also contains l carnitine which moves fats into the cell to be burned giving extra energy, all this while boosting your metabolism with B12, thiamine and dexopathonal, these b-vitamins mimick the chemical structure of the Lipotropic blend above and work together synergistically to attack and remove fat deposits.

We recommend a 3, 6, or 12 week plan that entails 1 Lipo-C Thinjection shot once a week, and 1 B12 shot every other appointment. We recommend the 12 week plan for maximum results.

One Lipo-C Thinjection $30 (Does not include B12 Shot)

• 3 Week EZ Plan $119

• 6 Week EZ Plan $199

• 12 Week EZ Plan $359

*All EZ Plans include B12 Shots